Open your heart to Golden Idols and they will shower blessings upon you.


Holy Smokes!


Released January 14, 2017

Produced, Recorded, and Mixed by Johnny Goss- Dandelion Gold
Mastered by Adam Straney-Breakpoint Mastering
Vinyl mastering by Aardvark Mastering
Written and Performed by Patrick Broz, Eric Peterson, Jewel Loree, and Saba Samakar.

"Overall, Golden Idol’s latest effort takes on the ups and downs of love though a humorous and raw tone. Such as, going to the beach together to dump the bodies. If you thought California owned beach goth and surf rock, think again." -Northwest Music Scene

"Thoughtful, punchy, mystical and ripped with energy." -The Monarch Review

Available digitally and on vinyl from Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, and local Seattle record stores: Sonic Boom, Light in the Attic, and Everyday Music.

Golden Idols EP

Released August 2, 2015

Engineered by Johnny Goss- Dandelion Gold
Produced by Johnny Goss and Golden Idols
Mastered by Adam Straney- Breakpoint Mastering

"The band’s aesthetic is dreamy, it’s romantic, it’s warm, it’s psychedelic (to an extent), is also the perfect soundtrack to a hot summer to remember. In August, the band released their debut self-titled EP, a track of six fuzzy, catchy, lovable dream-rock tracks." -Northwest Music Scene



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Golden Idols are not quadruplets (contrary to popular belief). Most of them did not grow up in Seattle. They were not brought together by fate or some irresistible cosmic force (unless you count the internet). But Golden Idols does exist, and they do want to make you dance, and laugh, and have the best time ever in the history of anything.




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